Shipping & Delivery

I haven’t received my package 20 days after shipment.
I haven’t received my package 20 days after shipment.
Most likely your package is delayed due to an unforeseen situation.

Please wait a 5-10 working days more.  If the package still doesn’t arrive then
please contact our Customer Service via email to

We offer Money-Back-in-45-Day-Service for every buyer. If you don’t get the goods/items within 45 days after you pay, you can open a dispute, we will issue full refund to you first without any excuses.

However, we sincerely hope you can repay if you finally get the goods/items after 45 days.

Why isn’t the tracking information for my order available online?

For registered airmail, the tracking information takes 5-7 working days from the time of shipment to update online.

Please try to track your order after 7 business days to get your package status.
For express shipping, the tracking information is available within 1-3 working days after the package has been shipped out.
If the tracking information is not available within these time frames, please ask our customer service for help via email to .